My First Triathlon – Ice Breaker 4/15/07

I survived! It’s a pretty amazing feeling coming across that finish line; I think I am still in shock that I actually just did a triathlon!

The weirdest feeling was cycling and running and not being able to feel your feet. It was so crazy!!! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that. I asked other people around me during the run if they could feel their feet and they said they couldn’t either and that it was normal. I felt a little better…

I felt like I had a good race. I learned a ton and now know the adjustments I need to make for the “big race” May 6th. I’m nervous about Wildflower now because I know what I’m getting myself into! Ha Ha Definite motivation to train even harder. J

Some of the things I need to fix for the next race….

I got a new wetsuit a few days before the race because the first one I got felt a little tight, so they sent me another one and it was too big. I should have worn the tigher one but didn’t realize how big the new one was until I got in the water with it for the first time race day. Key learning: Don’t try equipment for the first time race day! I felt like I was pulling a paraschute full of water on the swim, so that kinda sucked.

I really made up a lot of time on the bike, so that felt good. I need to practice grabbing my water bottles because I only drank ½ a bottle on the bike which was a big mistake because my legs totally started cramping on the run. Between that, not feeling my feet and all the steep hills (one was a 580ft CLIMB!)…the run was tough. By the end of mile 3, I could feel my feet again but couldn’t really make up too much time at that point because it was only a 4 mile run. I was a little disappointed in the run because I’m a strong runner, but now I know how crucial it is to hydrate and take my Gus. Key learning: Practicing hydration and nutrition is just as important as the physical training on race day!

Overall it was such an amazing day. A lot of my friends and family came out to cheer me on, so it was wonderful sharing my first tri experience with them. 🙂
Ice Breaker Elevations

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