How I Met Conan O’Brien

I have some exciting news….I met Conan O’Brien last Thursday (4/19) in front of Intel’s Robert Noyce Building when I was walking to the gym! He was there because Intel is sponsoring his SF shows. It was so cool! He was so nice!

I drove over to RNB after work because I figured the gym there would be bigger and nicer than my building’s gym. I was a little lost as I walked through the building and decided to go to the front of the building and ask the security guard how to get to the gym. He showed me on a map and then said if I hurried I might be able to get a picture with Conan O’Brien that he was wrapping things up right outside. I didn’t have my cell phone or camera on me, but thought it would be cool to see him.

I walked outside and saw him talking to someone, so I kept walking towards the gym and turned back a few times to see him. As I was walking away I was debating on whether I should wait and try to say hi or not. I finally decided to atleast try, so I turned around and walked back to the limo/bus where people that worked on the show were talking and getting on the bus. There was a guard standing about 6 feet opposite the door he looked over at me and I said, “I just wanted to see if I could say hi” and he kinda nodded and smiled.

Conan finished his conversation and started walking toward the bus and he saw me and walked up to me and I said, “Hi Conan, I’m Jaime, just wanted to meet you
and say hi. You’re so funny; I love your show.” We shook hands. He said thanks and did the funny growl thing he does while making a monster hand. It was so funny!

He asked, “Do you work here? I said, “Yes, I’m just heading to the gym after work.”
Then I said,” I’ve been trying to get tickets to your show. I sent in an email. Did you get my email? (Then I thought to myself, crap, he doesn’t read those emails).
He said, “I’m not sure how they’re doing it? Is it emails?” Someone in his group said yeah. I said “I’m not sure I just sent one in.” He said, “Yeah we received something like 85,000 requests!” I said, “Whoa, well I’m not surprised you have a great show.”

Most everyone had gotten on the bus at this point; I could see they needed to go, so I said, “Well it was nice meeting you, bye.” He said, “Thanks you too, bye and good luck!” I smiled and called back “thanks!” and then he got on his limo bus thing, and I started walking away through the parking lot to the gym.

About a minute goes by and then I hear Conan’s voice saying “Miss, Miss!”
I turn around and Conan had gotten off the bus and ran around it to catch me!

I turned around and said, “Yeah?” He said, “Are you a laugher?” I said, “Yes, definitely!” He motioned with his arm and said, “Come here” I walked back over to the bus and one of the people who must work on the show was off the bus too now and Conan said, “I mean a LOT of laughing.” I said, “Yes, for sure!” Conan said, “I mean through the whole show, nonstop, laughing so hard that the emergency paramedics need to come and take you away you’re laughing so hard.” I said, “I laugh all the time, believe me, I love laughing!”

He got a business card from the guy who was standing there with him. He said, “Ok, give Jason a call or email and he’ll get you tickets.” I said, “All right! Thank you so much, this is so awesome!” As he was getting back on the bus he turns back and says with a smile, “Don’t forget LOTS of laughing!” I said, “Definitely, no problem, thank you so much!”

Then I walked to the gym with a huge smile on my face. It was so hard doing my workout because I couldn’t tell anyone for two hours while I did my workout because I didn’t have my cell phone with me!

I emailed Jason and he gave me a call back. I asked if I could go to the Wednesday show. He was so friendly and nice too! He hooked me up with VIP tix to the show, so everyone watch and see if you can see me in the audience next Wednesday!!! I’m so excited to see the show live!!! 🙂


4 Responses to How I Met Conan O’Brien

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  2. Tony Chung says:

    That is TOTALLY awesome Jaime! I ran into Conan in the lobby also, but wasn’t as luck as you! =)

    Enjoy the show!

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  4. Rnb Remix says:

    Very cool ! Thanks

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