Standard Race Distances

The ITU accepts a 5% margin of error in the cycle and run course distances.

Super Sprint
Swim: 400m (0.25mi)
Bike: 10km (6.2mi)
Run: 2.5km (1.5mi)
Distances vary, but this is a standard Super Sprint course.

Swim: 750m (0.5mi)
Bike: 20km (12.4mi)
Run: 5km (3.1mi)
A 500m swim is also common. The Sprint Distance is the fastest growing triathlon race distance in the United States.

Swim: 1.5km (0.93mi)
Bike: 40km (24.8mi)
Run: 10km (6.2mi)
Also known as “international distance”, “standard course”, or “short course”

ITU-Long Distance
Swim: 3.0km (1.86mi)
Bike: 80km (49.6mi)
Run: 20km (12.4mi)
Shortened in 2006

Swim: 1.2mi (1.9km)
Bike: 56mi (90km)
Run: 13.1mi (21.09km)
Also called an “Ironman 70.3” or “medium distance”

Triathlon One O One
Swim: 1.86mi (3.0km)
Bike: 80.6mi (130km)
Run: 18.6mi (30km)
Made debut in 2007

Swim: 2.4mi (3.8km)
Bike: 112mi (180km)
Run: 26.2mi (42.195km) marathon
Also known as “iron distance” or “long distance”

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