I FINALLY found my bike! :)

A big thanks to Coach D for recommending I check out the bikes at Pacific Bicycle! I was ready to get the Trek Madone 5.2, but he suggested I head down and check out the Scott bikes too. I’m so glad I did! After 2 months of test rides and scouring the internet for reviews, I’ve finally found my bike! (drumroll please) It’s the Scott Contessa CR1 Pro CD. I bought it as Pacific Bicycle in San Francisco. Eric did an awesome job at the bike fit. He explains everything well and is super nice! Thanks Eric!!! I was pretty scared riding on the streets with the cars driving by so close, but I definitely got a good feel for how the bike handles on a variety of terrains! 🙂 We’re thinking it should get here by Monday, maybe even Friday (crossing fingers). I’m so excited to get out there and start riding! My next challenge will be mastering clipless pedals…gulp! 😐

Scott Contessa CR1 Pro CD

2 Responses to I FINALLY found my bike! :)

  1. rick says:

    Wow you weren’t kidding. The whole bike buying experience. Pacific Bikes is great. I bought both my bikes there, a mountain bike and my road bike – a Giant TCR1. Eric is great too. He fitted me on my aero bars when I got them. Can’t go wrong with Pac Bikes. Rick.

    Good seeing you and Brian tonight. TAG will be fun for all of you, big group!

  2. Loved this bike, it has everything you need, class, beauty, performance and functionality, climbing and descending is a dream and the performance on the flat leaves nothing wanting.

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