I FINALLY found my bike! :)

January 30, 2007

A big thanks to Coach D for recommending I check out the bikes at Pacific Bicycle! I was ready to get the Trek Madone 5.2, but he suggested I head down and check out the Scott bikes too. I’m so glad I did! After 2 months of test rides and scouring the internet for reviews, I’ve finally found my bike! (drumroll please) It’s the Scott Contessa CR1 Pro CD. I bought it as Pacific Bicycle in San Francisco. Eric did an awesome job at the bike fit. He explains everything well and is super nice! Thanks Eric!!! I was pretty scared riding on the streets with the cars driving by so close, but I definitely got a good feel for how the bike handles on a variety of terrains! 🙂 We’re thinking it should get here by Monday, maybe even Friday (crossing fingers). I’m so excited to get out there and start riding! My next challenge will be mastering clipless pedals…gulp! 😐

Scott Contessa CR1 Pro CD