Second bike ride

Today during lunch I tried the Giant TCR-0 at Bike Nut…responsive and a great fit, but a little too zippy for me at this point. After work, I tried the Trek Madone 5.5 at Lombardi Sports…whoa, now that was a smooth ride, great handling yet not too squirrely. I think I’ve finally found the bike for me! Whoo Hoo!!!

I don’t think I need all Dura-Ace components at this point, so I’m looking for a Trek Madone 5.0. The frame is the same as the 5.5, and I can always upgrade the components later if I decide I need them. Brian found a Lightspeed Siena M/L for sale on Craig’s List, so I’ll check that one out too just incase it fits better than the Trek. I can’t wait to get a bike, so I can start training!

I also found out today that my cousin who lives in Kona is also registered for Honu — how exciting! Both of us participating in our first Half Ironman will make this event that much more special. 🙂

One Response to Second bike ride

  1. Karen says:

    You go, girl! You can do it – anything you put your mind to…and definitely get the right bike for you.

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