My first road bike ride

Today I went to Mike’s Bikes in Sausalito, CA and tried out some carbon road bikes. This was my first time riding a road bike and let me tell you it was so much fun! I tried the Specialized Tarmac, Trek 5000 and Cannondale Synapse.

I was super nervous at first. The Specialized Tarmac was the first one I tried, and it was pretty squirrely. I was so afraid that one of the dogs that were being walked along the path was going to jump out in front of me. I almost crashed as I was going over the little wooden bridge because a cute little 5 year old with training wheels was swerving. I managed not to crash and survived the 20 minutes on the bike. Whew!

Now on to the Trek 5000. Ahhh, now this was much crusier. My hands didn’t hurt as much on this bike. I had such a tight death grip on the Tarmac that it made my hands turn red where I was gripping it. The Trek boosted my confidence and I rode fast down the path. Brian taught me how to use the gears, and I was clicking away adjusting them as whizzed along. I was definitely getting a good feel for this whole cycling thing. The Trek wasn’t as responsive as the Tarmac though, so back to the shop to try the Cannondale Synapse.

The story of Goldilocks and the three bears comes to mind. This one seemed just right. It was responsive but not so much that I felt like I was riding on a tight rope…one wrong turn and I’m off into the field. I was definitely more stable, so Brian took me up my first hill…Camino Alto here I come! We made it up 300 yards and I experienced my first decent. I had the brakes on most of the way; they tested out great! I think I finally remembered to breathe when I got to the bottom of the monster hill.

Many more bikes to try out but this is was a great first kiss to what I foresee as a lifelong love of cycling.

Until next time,

4 Responses to My first road bike ride

  1. Brian McNitt says:

    I think I was more nervous than Jaime was but she did great!! After years of riding it’s easy to forget all of the basic skills you now take for granted — how and when to shift, how to clip in and out of pedals, steering with your body verses the handlebars, descending, cornering, etc. By the time Jaime was on the second bike she had more confidence. When she discovered how to shift into the big chainring (high gears) she was off! I found myself sprinting down the bike path to keep up! By the end of the third test ride Jaime was showboating, standing on the pedals, and challenged me to a race. No doubt, after a few months of practice Jaime is going to be a terror on the bike. 😉

  2. Grant says:

    Remember, you get bonus style points for having a bike that’s worth more than your car. Also, what size bike does a 5′ 8.5″ girl ride?

  3. ironheff says:

    LOL! Too funny! 🙂 I have to sell my car because my bike won’t fit in it, and I can’t put a roof rack on it. 😦 Know anyone who wants a 330CI coupe? I’ll get those style points one way or another. I’m not sure what a 5’8.5″ girl would ride ,but at 5’10.5″ I’m looking at a 56cm bike. :)~

  4. Aunt Gail says:

    Keep up the good work. Love the bike

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