Jaime’s 2007 Triathlon Schedule

Well, here’s my triathlon schedule for 2007…I figured since I did so well riding a road bike yesterday for the first time that I should easily be able to handle a Half Ironman as my second triathlon…gulp! A bit nervous and think I might be biting off more than I can chew, but as Andy says, “I wake up every morning hoping to!” I like that attitude so here I go…CHOMP…chew…chew…chew…we’ll just have to see how it goes… 😉

2007 Triathlon Schedule:
April 15: Ice Breaker Triathlon (sprint distance) – MY FIRST TRIATHLON!!! :), Folsom Lake, Granite Bay, CA
May 4-6: Wildflower Olympic, Lake San Antonio, Monterey County, CA — MY FIRST OLYMPIC TRIATHLON!!! 🙂
June 2: Honu 70.3, Kailu-Kona, HI — MY FIRST HALF IRONMAN!!! 🙂
June 23: San Jose International Olympic, San Jose, CA
August 13: Folsom International Olympic, Folsom, CA
August 24-25: Santa Barbara Long Olympic
August 26: Accenture Chicago Triathlon
Early Sept. Big Kahuna Half Ironman Santa Cruz, CA
November 3: Treasure Island Triathlon, Treasure Island, CA (not sure about this one, it might be too cold for me)

3 Responses to Jaime’s 2007 Triathlon Schedule

  1. Andreas says:

    Those are all top notch events, that could fill three years worth of racing for others. Not to bog you down or take the wind out of the sails. I think it’s great that you’re so much into it. I want to do all those races (and some more) myself 🙂 However, once you did all those races there is really not much left to do 🙂 You know, there are a lot of smaller, lower key events, that in my experience are a ton of fun, sometimes more fun that the big ones! Check out Envirosports.com or WindmanEvents.com.. Generally, most people don’t do more than 2 or 3 triathlons during their first season, usually sprint and olympic distances. Yeah sure, you got those who do an Ironman as their first event – I don’t think that’s a great idea. Usually, what happens after a race like Wildflower or Honu is that you don’t want to hear about anything that starts with “Tri” for a couple of weeks. That’s pretty typical, and you’ll notice that it gets a little quieter on all the discussion boards during May/June. Everybody is all tri’d out. On the other hand, if you do all the ones you posted, you’ll have a great “resume”!! .. Cheers!

  2. Jaime says:

    Well, I decided to bite off more than I can chew and will see how far I get. 😉 I added “tentative” to the races I’m not sure if I’ll do. I consulted with Duane and figured out the schedule. I’ll definitely need his help after TAG to get me through all of them! I’ll see how I feel after Honu and decide if I’ll do SJIT or not. I’m definitely doing FIT, since I used to live in Folsom and have family and friends there. I think that one will be fun, since I’ll have a huge crowd cheering me on. After FIT, I’ll probably want to do one more either Santa Barbara or Kahuna or maybe Chicago if we decide to fly out there over the summer. I’m not trying to win them; I just want to have fun, try to improve my times and finish. 🙂 Thanks for the other sites, since I’m new I don’t really know what’s out there. The Tri Girl Tri event October 6th looks like a fun one! I figure my first year I’ll hit the big ones in CA & HI and then work my way out of North America. Do they allow alcohol in the transition areas? Maybe if I pound a beer at each transistion I could pick up a beer sponsor? LOL Cheers, J

  3. Stu says:

    Awesome race schedule. See you at WildFlower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a GREAT year!

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