My First Triathlon – Ice Breaker 4/15/07

April 27, 2007

I survived! It’s a pretty amazing feeling coming across that finish line; I think I am still in shock that I actually just did a triathlon!

The weirdest feeling was cycling and running and not being able to feel your feet. It was so crazy!!! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that. I asked other people around me during the run if they could feel their feet and they said they couldn’t either and that it was normal. I felt a little better…

I felt like I had a good race. I learned a ton and now know the adjustments I need to make for the “big race” May 6th. I’m nervous about Wildflower now because I know what I’m getting myself into! Ha Ha Definite motivation to train even harder. J

Some of the things I need to fix for the next race….

I got a new wetsuit a few days before the race because the first one I got felt a little tight, so they sent me another one and it was too big. I should have worn the tigher one but didn’t realize how big the new one was until I got in the water with it for the first time race day. Key learning: Don’t try equipment for the first time race day! I felt like I was pulling a paraschute full of water on the swim, so that kinda sucked.

I really made up a lot of time on the bike, so that felt good. I need to practice grabbing my water bottles because I only drank ½ a bottle on the bike which was a big mistake because my legs totally started cramping on the run. Between that, not feeling my feet and all the steep hills (one was a 580ft CLIMB!)…the run was tough. By the end of mile 3, I could feel my feet again but couldn’t really make up too much time at that point because it was only a 4 mile run. I was a little disappointed in the run because I’m a strong runner, but now I know how crucial it is to hydrate and take my Gus. Key learning: Practicing hydration and nutrition is just as important as the physical training on race day!

Overall it was such an amazing day. A lot of my friends and family came out to cheer me on, so it was wonderful sharing my first tri experience with them. 🙂
Ice Breaker Elevations

How I Met Conan O’Brien

April 27, 2007

I have some exciting news….I met Conan O’Brien last Thursday (4/19) in front of Intel’s Robert Noyce Building when I was walking to the gym! He was there because Intel is sponsoring his SF shows. It was so cool! He was so nice!

I drove over to RNB after work because I figured the gym there would be bigger and nicer than my building’s gym. I was a little lost as I walked through the building and decided to go to the front of the building and ask the security guard how to get to the gym. He showed me on a map and then said if I hurried I might be able to get a picture with Conan O’Brien that he was wrapping things up right outside. I didn’t have my cell phone or camera on me, but thought it would be cool to see him.

I walked outside and saw him talking to someone, so I kept walking towards the gym and turned back a few times to see him. As I was walking away I was debating on whether I should wait and try to say hi or not. I finally decided to atleast try, so I turned around and walked back to the limo/bus where people that worked on the show were talking and getting on the bus. There was a guard standing about 6 feet opposite the door he looked over at me and I said, “I just wanted to see if I could say hi” and he kinda nodded and smiled.

Conan finished his conversation and started walking toward the bus and he saw me and walked up to me and I said, “Hi Conan, I’m Jaime, just wanted to meet you
and say hi. You’re so funny; I love your show.” We shook hands. He said thanks and did the funny growl thing he does while making a monster hand. It was so funny!

He asked, “Do you work here? I said, “Yes, I’m just heading to the gym after work.”
Then I said,” I’ve been trying to get tickets to your show. I sent in an email. Did you get my email? (Then I thought to myself, crap, he doesn’t read those emails).
He said, “I’m not sure how they’re doing it? Is it emails?” Someone in his group said yeah. I said “I’m not sure I just sent one in.” He said, “Yeah we received something like 85,000 requests!” I said, “Whoa, well I’m not surprised you have a great show.”

Most everyone had gotten on the bus at this point; I could see they needed to go, so I said, “Well it was nice meeting you, bye.” He said, “Thanks you too, bye and good luck!” I smiled and called back “thanks!” and then he got on his limo bus thing, and I started walking away through the parking lot to the gym.

About a minute goes by and then I hear Conan’s voice saying “Miss, Miss!”
I turn around and Conan had gotten off the bus and ran around it to catch me!

I turned around and said, “Yeah?” He said, “Are you a laugher?” I said, “Yes, definitely!” He motioned with his arm and said, “Come here” I walked back over to the bus and one of the people who must work on the show was off the bus too now and Conan said, “I mean a LOT of laughing.” I said, “Yes, for sure!” Conan said, “I mean through the whole show, nonstop, laughing so hard that the emergency paramedics need to come and take you away you’re laughing so hard.” I said, “I laugh all the time, believe me, I love laughing!”

He got a business card from the guy who was standing there with him. He said, “Ok, give Jason a call or email and he’ll get you tickets.” I said, “All right! Thank you so much, this is so awesome!” As he was getting back on the bus he turns back and says with a smile, “Don’t forget LOTS of laughing!” I said, “Definitely, no problem, thank you so much!”

Then I walked to the gym with a huge smile on my face. It was so hard doing my workout because I couldn’t tell anyone for two hours while I did my workout because I didn’t have my cell phone with me!

I emailed Jason and he gave me a call back. I asked if I could go to the Wednesday show. He was so friendly and nice too! He hooked me up with VIP tix to the show, so everyone watch and see if you can see me in the audience next Wednesday!!! I’m so excited to see the show live!!! 🙂


Standard Race Distances

March 20, 2007

The ITU accepts a 5% margin of error in the cycle and run course distances.

Super Sprint
Swim: 400m (0.25mi)
Bike: 10km (6.2mi)
Run: 2.5km (1.5mi)
Distances vary, but this is a standard Super Sprint course.

Swim: 750m (0.5mi)
Bike: 20km (12.4mi)
Run: 5km (3.1mi)
A 500m swim is also common. The Sprint Distance is the fastest growing triathlon race distance in the United States.

Swim: 1.5km (0.93mi)
Bike: 40km (24.8mi)
Run: 10km (6.2mi)
Also known as “international distance”, “standard course”, or “short course”

ITU-Long Distance
Swim: 3.0km (1.86mi)
Bike: 80km (49.6mi)
Run: 20km (12.4mi)
Shortened in 2006

Swim: 1.2mi (1.9km)
Bike: 56mi (90km)
Run: 13.1mi (21.09km)
Also called an “Ironman 70.3” or “medium distance”

Triathlon One O One
Swim: 1.86mi (3.0km)
Bike: 80.6mi (130km)
Run: 18.6mi (30km)
Made debut in 2007

Swim: 2.4mi (3.8km)
Bike: 112mi (180km)
Run: 26.2mi (42.195km) marathon
Also known as “iron distance” or “long distance”

Best wetsuit around!

March 15, 2007

After a long search and a great GGTC wetsuit expo, I’ve finally found my wetsuit! The Fit2Race HydroFlex wetsuit! It’s the best price around for a high quality performance wetsuit–only $130!

The owner, Paul, gave an excellent presentation on swimming techniques, both good and bad, as well as what to look for in a wetsuit. He showed us their newest product, the Sockeye, and I was impressed. Here’s it’s description from F2R’s website: “The Sockeye is designed to complement efficient and fast swimming with sleek aquatic qualities. Built with 5mm rubber thickness in the front chest and legs, 3mm in the back shoulders and 2mm in the arms and under arm gussets. Capitalizing on the aquatic qualities of rubber, the forearm catch panel blends 5mm rubber into its design. Glide, catch and lift yourself into potentially the fastest suit ever made. Escape transitions in effortless motion with our new flexible designed inner jersey. See what is winning races around the world.”

The Sockeye wetsuit was very tempting at the very competitive price of $300, but it’s still above my price point for a wetsuit at the moment. I’m going to get through my first triathlon to see how I like this intense sport before investing further. 🙂 Good news is that the HydroFlex is very similar to the Sockeye only missing the redesigned neck and larger forearm catch panels. I’m just going to have to use more body glide on my neck! 🙂

Updated Race Schedule :)

February 1, 2007

Ok, so I think I was a little excited when I first decided on my triathlon schedule for the year… 🙂 I decided slim down my schedule a bit.

2007 Race Schedule:
April 15: Ice Breaker Triathlon (sprint distance) – MY FIRST TRIATHLON!!! :), Folsom Lake, Granite Bay, CA
April 22: Chico Velo Wildflower Century, Mildflower 65, or Flatflower 30/65
May 4-6: Wildflower Olympic, Lake San Antonio, Monterey County, CA – MY FIRST OLYMPIC TRIATHLON!!! 🙂
May 20: Bay to Breakers (12K), San Francisco, CA
August 12: Folsom International Olympic, Folsom, CA
November 22: Run to Feed the Hungry (10K), Sacramento, CA
December 2: Las Vegas Marathon, Las Vegas, NV They’re going to have fireworks at the start!!! My first marathon!!! 🙂

I FINALLY found my bike! :)

January 30, 2007

A big thanks to Coach D for recommending I check out the bikes at Pacific Bicycle! I was ready to get the Trek Madone 5.2, but he suggested I head down and check out the Scott bikes too. I’m so glad I did! After 2 months of test rides and scouring the internet for reviews, I’ve finally found my bike! (drumroll please) It’s the Scott Contessa CR1 Pro CD. I bought it as Pacific Bicycle in San Francisco. Eric did an awesome job at the bike fit. He explains everything well and is super nice! Thanks Eric!!! I was pretty scared riding on the streets with the cars driving by so close, but I definitely got a good feel for how the bike handles on a variety of terrains! 🙂 We’re thinking it should get here by Monday, maybe even Friday (crossing fingers). I’m so excited to get out there and start riding! My next challenge will be mastering clipless pedals…gulp! 😐

Scott Contessa CR1 Pro CD

Chico Velo Cycling Club’s Wildflower Century or Mildflower 65

December 7, 2006

Chico, California has a special place in my heart. I went to school up there and have some of the best memories of my life in Chico hiking around Bidwell Park, swimming at Bear Hole and cycling up Honey Run Road on my mountain bike! I had no idea what I was getting myself into that day. My friend, who had a road bike, talked me into doing a “longer ride” and me who’s always up for an adventure cheerily said, “Sure, sounds like fun!”

The first part of the ride was lovely; we rode past the Honey Run covered bridge and past meadows of wildflowers and then came the hills…I did the 13.5 miles with a 1772′ elevation change on my mountain bike without stopping…something I’m still proud of to this day. Not bad for someone who was only riding her bike 10 minutes to campus and back each day. Needless to say, by the time we got to Paradise (name of the town East of Chico), I wasn’t talking much and could barely move, but was so excited I made it to the top! Fortunately the last half of the loop back to Chico was a fast smooth decent, and I cruised it on home.

I found a ride that includes those crazy hills I rode so many years ago–the Wildflower Century and have decided I’d like to ride those hills again, but this time on my new road bike! The Chico Velo Cycling Club offers several choices other than the Century Wildflower ride. They also have the Mildflower 65, the flat flower 35 or 65, as well as the Childflower 15.

The Century Wildflower has a 4300′ elevation gain and the Mildflower has less than a 2000′ elevation gain. To avoid the waste of 10,000 drink cups they provide riders with a souvenir water bottle that doubles as proof of entry into the rest stops and dinner area. They also switched from a paper map to an artistic map rendering on a cotton cloth bandana. They provide fresh baked goods, fresh fruit and natural fruit juices at the rest stops too! YUM!

Map of the rides

Hope to see you there! 🙂

Second bike ride

December 4, 2006

Today during lunch I tried the Giant TCR-0 at Bike Nut…responsive and a great fit, but a little too zippy for me at this point. After work, I tried the Trek Madone 5.5 at Lombardi Sports…whoa, now that was a smooth ride, great handling yet not too squirrely. I think I’ve finally found the bike for me! Whoo Hoo!!!

I don’t think I need all Dura-Ace components at this point, so I’m looking for a Trek Madone 5.0. The frame is the same as the 5.5, and I can always upgrade the components later if I decide I need them. Brian found a Lightspeed Siena M/L for sale on Craig’s List, so I’ll check that one out too just incase it fits better than the Trek. I can’t wait to get a bike, so I can start training!

I also found out today that my cousin who lives in Kona is also registered for Honu — how exciting! Both of us participating in our first Half Ironman will make this event that much more special. 🙂

Jaime’s 2007 Triathlon Schedule

December 4, 2006

Well, here’s my triathlon schedule for 2007…I figured since I did so well riding a road bike yesterday for the first time that I should easily be able to handle a Half Ironman as my second triathlon…gulp! A bit nervous and think I might be biting off more than I can chew, but as Andy says, “I wake up every morning hoping to!” I like that attitude so here I go…CHOMP…chew…chew…chew…we’ll just have to see how it goes… 😉

2007 Triathlon Schedule:
April 15: Ice Breaker Triathlon (sprint distance) – MY FIRST TRIATHLON!!! :), Folsom Lake, Granite Bay, CA
May 4-6: Wildflower Olympic, Lake San Antonio, Monterey County, CA — MY FIRST OLYMPIC TRIATHLON!!! 🙂
June 2: Honu 70.3, Kailu-Kona, HI — MY FIRST HALF IRONMAN!!! 🙂
June 23: San Jose International Olympic, San Jose, CA
August 13: Folsom International Olympic, Folsom, CA
August 24-25: Santa Barbara Long Olympic
August 26: Accenture Chicago Triathlon
Early Sept. Big Kahuna Half Ironman Santa Cruz, CA
November 3: Treasure Island Triathlon, Treasure Island, CA (not sure about this one, it might be too cold for me)

My first road bike ride

December 4, 2006

Today I went to Mike’s Bikes in Sausalito, CA and tried out some carbon road bikes. This was my first time riding a road bike and let me tell you it was so much fun! I tried the Specialized Tarmac, Trek 5000 and Cannondale Synapse.

I was super nervous at first. The Specialized Tarmac was the first one I tried, and it was pretty squirrely. I was so afraid that one of the dogs that were being walked along the path was going to jump out in front of me. I almost crashed as I was going over the little wooden bridge because a cute little 5 year old with training wheels was swerving. I managed not to crash and survived the 20 minutes on the bike. Whew!

Now on to the Trek 5000. Ahhh, now this was much crusier. My hands didn’t hurt as much on this bike. I had such a tight death grip on the Tarmac that it made my hands turn red where I was gripping it. The Trek boosted my confidence and I rode fast down the path. Brian taught me how to use the gears, and I was clicking away adjusting them as whizzed along. I was definitely getting a good feel for this whole cycling thing. The Trek wasn’t as responsive as the Tarmac though, so back to the shop to try the Cannondale Synapse.

The story of Goldilocks and the three bears comes to mind. This one seemed just right. It was responsive but not so much that I felt like I was riding on a tight rope…one wrong turn and I’m off into the field. I was definitely more stable, so Brian took me up my first hill…Camino Alto here I come! We made it up 300 yards and I experienced my first decent. I had the brakes on most of the way; they tested out great! I think I finally remembered to breathe when I got to the bottom of the monster hill.

Many more bikes to try out but this is was a great first kiss to what I foresee as a lifelong love of cycling.

Until next time,